**heroin epidemic in Pakistan**, focusing especially on Islamabad. Heroin dependancy can be a urgent situation that has an effect on a great number of life, and knowledge its influence is critical for successful intervention and prevention.

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--- # **Heroin Epidemic in Islamabad, Pakistan** ## **one. Prevalence and Scope** Heroin habit has grown to be alarmingly widespread in Islamabad, the funds metropolis of Pakistan. The city's strategic location, porous borders, and proximity to Afghanistan (a major heroin-producing state) lead for the popular availability of this strong opioid. https://rylanzocob.prublogger.com/25371915/heroin-epidemic-in-pakistan-focusing-especially-on-islamabad-heroin-habit-is-often-a-urgent-challenge-that-has-an-effect-on-plenty-of-life-and-understanding-its-impact-is-crucial-for-successful-intervention-and-prevention


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